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Nina Riegler

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Nina Riegler aus der 2a hat ihr Deutsch-Referat am Reitplatz gehalten.


The world's best detective

It is Wednesday morning. Detective Gadget is in his office and he's still sleepy. He is the world's best detective but sometimes he is really clumsy.

After his lunch break the phone rings.  Lady Fine is on the phone because she can't find Felix, her cat and she is really nervous and worried.

Gadget says to her ''Don't worry, I can find Felix.''

Detective Gadget walks to the forest but he sees a wolf and he jumps on a tree and shouts. “Go home!“ After climbing down he goes to the playground.

What a surprise!!! Felix is sleeping on a tree next to the swings. He calls Lady Fine excitingly and tells her the good news.

Lady Fine is really happy and she immediately runs to her lovely cat. She thanks Gadget a lot and gives him a big hug.

With a smile on her face she walks home with Felix. Detective Gadget did a good job again.


© Nina Riegler 1. Klasse, (2019)

Janis Friedinger

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Hi, I'm Janis. I live in a big house with my family in Austria. I get up at a quarter past six. Then I go to the bathroom and clean my teeth. Some time later I have breakfast with my sister. At seven o'clock we go to school. The school starts at ten to eight and ends at half past two. After school my mum picks me up by car. At home I do my homework. A bit later I phone my friends and at four o'clock we meet at the funcourt. Our family has dinner at half past six and then I watch TV for half an hour. I go to bed at eight o'clock.

© Janis Friedinger, 2019

Lilien Grabmann

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This year's most sensational invention comes from Austria. Lilien Grabmann, a teacher, has invented a beamer.

You only have to press a button, then you have to think of a different place and 10 seconds later you are there.

Lilien invented the beamer because she always gets late to table tennis or other sports. But not only Lilien had the idea for the beamer, also her mother contributed something because she wants to save petrol and the climate. This invention is 100% eco- friendly.

You can buy the beamer at the“Lilien- eco- friendly“ shop for 50.000 $. But half of the earned money goes to poor families in Africa.

With this machine you can beam seven people together to another place. All people should have a beamer in their homes because when there are no cars in the streets anymore you have more space for plants and animals. Also the climate will improve. I think with this invention the earth will “live“ longer. Buy it!

© Lilien Grabmann, 3a (2019)

Jana Mayrhofer

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This year the inventor Christopher Silver made a great invention. It's a robot which can make everything for you.

The robot can do your homework, can make food for you, can tidy your room and many more things. 

It looks like a human with grey skin. The robot has yellow eyes and wears a hat. It works with the newest technology. 

The machine took Mr. Silver ten years to invent. At the age of sixteen Christopher got the idea for a robot like this. He needed it because he was too busy to cook or tidy his room. His friends always said that he was crazy because no one can build something like that. Because of these words, he wanted even more to build this machine to prove the people it can be done. He spent two million dollars to build the first of these machines. He has constructed five machines so far.

Now his friends think, that this was the best idea he ever had.

© Jana Mayrhofer, 3a (2019)


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It's Thursday morning. Detective Gadget is at the office. The telephone rings. Lady Fine – an old & rich lady – is on the phone because she can´t find her cat “Felix“. She´s very worried. Gadget says “Don´t worry, Lady Fine. I can find Felix.“

A little bit later he leaves the office to look for Felix. He wants to look for Felix in the woods. Gadget arrives in the woods. He looks for Felix but he sees a wolf. He runs to a tree. He climbs the tree and sits in it. He phones Lady Fine “Gadget here. I have got a problem. There's a wolf here. Please help me!“ Lady Fine says “Give me ten minutes.“ Lady Fine arrives in the forest. She picks up a branch and hits the wolf on the nose with the branch. The wolf runs away. Detective Gadget says "Thank you, Lady Fine!"

“Perhaps Felix is at the playground“, he thinks and says to himself. Suddenly Detective Gadget falls out of the tree! He goes to the playground. He looks under the tree. Gadget finds tracks. Then he looks up to the top of the tree...and... he sees Felix. Felix is sleeping in the tree.

Detective Gadget is very happy. He climbs the tree and wakes Felix up. Felix jumps into Lady Fine's arms .They're very happy. Lady Fine carries Felix home.


© Johanna Nobodyknowsthefamilyname, 1b (2019)

Elias H.

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The lost cat

Sherlock Gadget is in his office. It is Monday evening. The telephone rings. It is the rich Lady Fine. She is old. Lady Fine says, “Lady Fine speaking. I can't find my cat. Its name is Felix. It's fur is orange.“ Lady Fine is nervous. Sherlock Gadget says, “Don 't worry Lady Fine. I can find Felix.“ “Oh, thank you Mr. Gadget“. Detective Gadget leaves his office. He comes to a playground. Perhaps Felix is in the playground. Detective Gadget bumps into a tree.

"Ouch". Perhaps Felix is in the forest. Sherlock Gadget can't see Felix but he sees a wolf.

“Oh, help!“, he shouts. He climbs a tree and he hears a noise. There is an orange cat.

“Oh, it 's Felix!". Felix sleeps and then he opens his eyes. Detective picks Felix up and phones Lady Fine.

“Hello Lady Fine. I've got Felix and I'm in the forest.“ “Wonderful“, Lady Fine says.

“But I have a problem. There is a wolf. Please help me“, Detective Gadget says. Lady Fine says “Give me 10 minutes.“

Detective Gadget waits. Lady Fine arrives in the forest.

“Bad wolf. Go away.“ Lady Fine shouts and she hits the wolf on his head with her umbrella.

The wolf runs away. The branch breaks, Sherlock Gadget falls out of the tree. Felix jumps into Lady Fine's arms. “Thank you, Mr. Gadget“. Then Lady Fine carries Felix home. Mr. Gadget goes back to his office happily.


© Elias H, 1b (2019)

Alex Becherer

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The wanted cat

It's Wednesday morning. Detective Gadget is at the office. He's clever but a little bit clumsy. The telephone rings. He picks up the phone.

“Hello, I am Lady Fine. I can't find my cat Felix.“ “Don´t worry Lady Fine, I can find Felix“. Lady Fine is old and very rich.

Mr. Gadget looks for Felix in the forest. But he sees a wolf. He runs quickly to the playground. He looks for Felix on the swing.

Felix isn't there. Mr.Gadget climbs a tree and looks for him. He sees Felix. Felix sleeps. Detective Gadget phones Lady Fine.

“I have got Felix. He is at the playground“. Lady Fine arrives at the playground. “Thank you Mr. Gadget“, Lady Fine says happily.


© Alexander Becherer, 1b (2019)

Sophie Dreiling

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The lost cat

It's Monday morning and Detective Gadget is in his office. He is the world's best detective and very clever. Gadget is so bored because he hasn't got a job to do. Suddenly the telephone rings! Lady Fine can't find her cat Felix.

Detective Gadget says to the old lady: „Don't worry. I can find Felix.“ Some time later he leaves his office and goes to the forest. He hears a noise

and he looks around. Suddenly he sees a wolf. Detective Gadget runs away very fast. After that he says: “OK, Felix isn't in the forest.“ The detective goes to the playground to look for Felix. Finally he finds the cat in a tree sleeping on a branch. He brings Felix to Lady Fine and so they are very happy.


© Sophie Dreiling, 1b (2019)

Jonas Hackl

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The lost cat

Mr. Gadget is at the office and he is tired. The telephone rings. “I'm Mr.Gadget, the world's best detective." “Here is Lady Fine, I can't find my cat Felix.“ “Don't worry, I can find Felix." He leaves his office and after a while he comes to the park. But Felix isn't there. The man goes to a playground and he looks into into every tube slide but Felix isn't there. The detective climbs a tree to have a better view. He does not see Felix. So he climbs down. “Perhaps Felix is in the forest“, he says to himself.

So he drives to the forest and looks for Felix. He is on a tree and sleeps. But suddenly an angry wolf comes. Mr.Gadget climbs a tree as fast as possible. Then he calls Lady Fine on the mobile telephone.

“I have Felix but I have a got problem. There is a wolf here.“ “Give me 15 minutes.“

Gadget waits. Lady Fine chases the wolf with stones. Felix jumps into Lady Fine's arms.

Lady Fine thanks Mr. Gadget and carries Felix home.

“I'm Mr. Gadget, the world's best detective“, he says proudly.


© Jonas Hackl, 1b (2019)

Timo Fürnhammer

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Today is Monday. It's lunchtime. The clever Detective Gadget is in his office and eats his big sandwich. Suddenly the telephone rings! Lady Fine, the old and rich lady is on the phone. She says: “Please, help me. I can't find my cat Felix!“ Lady Fine is very nervous! Detective Gadget says to her: “Don't worry, Lady Fine, I can find your cat .“

In the afternoon Detective Gadget leaves his office and he looks for Felix. At first he goes to the big playground next to the forest. He thinks: “Perhaps Felix is under the swing but Felix isn't there. He stands up and bumps his head on the swing.

A little bit later he arrives in the forest. He goes to a big tree and looks for Felix but he sees a big dark brown wolf. He is very afraid and climbs the tree. Then he looks around and hears a noise. He sees Felix.

He sleeps on a branch. Detective Gadget is very happy. He picks Felix up and watches the bad wolf. Suddenly he has got an idea. He breaks a branch and throws it away. The wolf runs after the branch. Suddenly he hears a noise. The clumsy Detective forgets he is in a tree. He stands up but there is no grass. He falls out of the tree. He says: “Ouch!“ Then he carries Felix home to Lady Fine. She is very happy.


© Timo Fürnhammer, 1b (2019)